I get most of our facts & information regarding medical cannabis off the internet

I have l gained a lot of amazing information from the internet over the past few years.

When the internet was in its early stages, it was harder to fact check information.

A lot of informative sources were simply blogs written by either professionals or people pretending to be professionals. This is how I l gained how to solder electronics in the years prior to the invention of Youtube. It wasn’t the easiest process, however it’s all I knew back then. And recognize me, when the alternative was sifting through old, dusty books at the library, you were blissful for what little bit of morsels you’d come across on the young internet back in the day. While some would argue that misleading & false information is more prevalent now than ever before, it would be equally misleading to forget that factual information is more prevalent now than ever before as well. The problem is in leading people away from the false information & over toward the factual information instead. Thankfully this is improving in the cannabis world. More people are becoming educated about the medical benefits of both THC products & CBD products. I have friends who used to don’t like cannabis & now want to try it for a number of unusual medical ailments that they’re suffering from. I’m regularly eager to see someone get mature enough to disclose that their opinions have changed for the right reasons. At least for myself and others personally, it was a lot easier for myself and others to get our facts & information regarding medical cannabis off the internet as opposed to asking questions to the budtenders at the cannabis dispensaries whenever I spend money them visits.

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