I caught the marijuana use

Last week, I went over to visit Carol.

I got up onto the porch, as well as I swore I could smell the odor of marijuana.

I looked over at the fencing between Carol’s condo as well as the neighbors, as well as I saw some smoke coming over the fence. I shook my head, thinking that they were smoking too much marijuana if I could smell it on Carol’s porch. I knew I was blaming the wrong people for the smell of marijuana when she opened the door. The odor of marijuana was so strong that I backed up a step. I stepped into the house, as well as the haze of marijuana smoke was in the air. I thought maybe someone was out of jail, however she shook her head no. I asked if there was somebody else at the house, and she shook her head no again… Before she even talked to me, she went out to the kitchen, drank a sizable glass of tea, as well as pulled a couple of pieces of gum out of the candy jar. She had 1 in her mouth as well as she handed me one. Carol chuckled as well as raised an eyebrow. Since you caught me, I would appreciate it if you kept the secret. I knew our mouth was hanging open as I stood as well as stared at her. Carol tried to swear me to it and not use the marijuana. If I hadn’t been so shocked, it would’ve been laughable. There wasn’t a single person I knew who would believe me if I were to tell them that Carol used marijuana.


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