Working on growing some cannabis

They are supposed to be 12 to 18 in

I did not really suppose it would be a challenge to grow marijuana, but it’s not as straight-forward as I was thinking it would be. I have run into plenty of issues, however the plants do not adore the lighting in my residence. They do not adore the amount of moisture either. Every time I make a tiny change, the plants go mad. I have already lost a fair amount of seedlings plus I’m trying my best not to let the concern happen again. I went to the farm store plus I bought special lighting plus soil. The soil is made for growing marijuana. The lights are also meant to be helpful for growing marijuana, but they are not particularly made for cannabis. They are made for Greenhouse plants plus vegetables. I went through a ton of seeds unquestionably quickly without any actual results, so I made the move to buy seedlings this time. The seedlings are due to come to the store in a matter of a few days. The employer of the weed shop knows that I wish to have many of the seedlings plus he is supposed to be holding those items in the back of the store for me. I told the guy to call me as soon as the plants ended up coming in. I’m relatively excited to see what the seedlings will look like to be honest. They are supposed to be 12 to 18 in. I haven’t been able to get a plant to make it to that size. If I start with a plant that is fairly older, I am actually hoping that I will have nicer results. If I fail again, it might be time to think about better options.

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