Our local recreational weed store is the best

I’m a relatively lucky human.

While I’ve had to undergo some immense obstacles in life, I’m still fairly grateful to get to live it.

I’m a senior citizen now & things seem to sort of be in order during these times. I have to give a pretty huge shout out to the local weed shop for an immense portion of that nice vibration that’s rippling through my life these days. I came to become friends with these folks when I first moved here a few years ago. That was a taxing time as I had recently lost my fiance & had relocated to a new area to sort of start over. Since cannabis products of all varieties are actually legal in this state, I visited my first recreational cannabis store. I was sort of like, well why not really. This was a nice place with current challenges & I cleared it with both my healthcare professional & the therapist I started seeing when my fiance died. So when I eventually moved, I took a step inside the local recreational cannabis store & almost turned around. But I heard & almost felt a sincere greeting & it stopped me from moving. When I turned around, one of the staff had come from behind the counter & had provided his hand. That’s what I’m talking about when I say nice vibrations with the people. These people just sort of took me in. They were like instant fantastic neighbors to be honest. I’d smoked a bit of weed in the past however, particularly had no idea in the slightest what I was doing. So it was quite honestly a fantastic thing that these folks were super nice & helpful.


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