It wasn't easy to get certified for weed

Multiple years ago, I heard that marijuana was going to be legalized in this state, then however, I recently noticed that medical dispensaries were coming into the city.

I decided to pursue a medical marijuana card because I wanted to relieve chronic pain that I felt due to arthritis.

The trouble really is that I did not guess where to start when I wanted to obtain a medical marijuana card. I contacted a local dispensary and inquired on the process. The dispensary pharmacist spoke with myself and others and also referred myself and also others to an online doctor that was certified to make request for medical marijuana card. I booked the appointment with a doctor. The doctor understood all of my pain and also the need for me to have medical marijuana. After the doc signed my need, then I went to apply for an identification card. But consultation and also application required me to pay a fee, but I did not mind paying the fees due to the fact that I was going to be able to obtain medical marijuana. I then went to get the card from the dispensary and I helped myself and also others and also requested products that were based on my overall needs. I’m thankful that medical marijuana has given me access to a whole new way of life. It certainly wasn’t easy to get certified, but it has definitely been helpful to me.

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