Cannabis helps my ADHD a great deal

My healthcare expert sort of surprised me roughly a year ago. She thought I might benefit from cannabis and both of us had a discussion when it came to different cannabis products… She knows how much I strive to manage my ADHD or at least that’s the diagnosis. As with so numerous physiological ailments, there is a broad spectrum when it comes to ADHD. That’s one of the reasons all the people are stunned to hear that I’m a woman with attention and concentration issues that stem from ADHD. Yet, I’m not hyperactive at all. And that has nothing to do with the sativa I use, by the way. That’s one of the symptoms that all the people with my condition normally suffer from. Not the case with me in the least. Still, I have had such a challenge all my life just trying to study in school and now being an enjoyable employee. It feels like it just takes so much more effort for me to get things accomplished than it does others. But I have kept up with much of the latest therapies and nutritional aids. Still, when the healthcare expert advised I start treating with sativa products and certain indica strains, I was surprised to hear it. I don’t use alcohol and just never thought to try cannabis products. But wow, was the healthcare expert ever so right. Once I started with the sativa products, I could recognize a change that was happening. It wasn’t as though a light was switched on but there was actual change and rapidly. Now it’s been a year and I’m satisfied to say that I’ve never managed my ADHD better than with sativa strains.


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