Cannabis dispensary are worth the trip

Traveling is 1 of the things that I truly love to do.

And it doesn’t need to be some elaborate or grand trip to turn our crank.

It’s just getting out in the world to see something excellent and current or a certain area that is lovely or makes me guess good. I’m lucky to have a life partner who also enjoys packing up our automobile plus heading out for 3 or 4 afternoons. About once every month or 2, the two of us aim our trip where recreational marijuana is legal. In our state, we’re getting closer to at least medicinal marijuana. But it appears that recreational marijuana might be a stretch. However, even if it’s medicinal marijuana, I could still qualify for access to a cannabis dispensary given our chronic arthritis. But until then, I’m thankful that there is a state only 3 minutes away where the two of us can freely walk into a shop for marijuana for sale. That’s just such a joy that it’s difficult for me to articulate just how deeply the two of us care about being able to just go into a cannabis dispensary. We’re both in our 50’s plus honestly, neither 1 of us thought we’d live long enough to appreciate having legal recreational marijuana. So the two of us make a trip of it four or five times a year. The two of us love to incorporate the strange trips to the local medical cannabis spots into a long weekend. And of course, the two of us have lovely picnics plus yummy suppers along the way as well. I care about getting the cannabis edibles perhaps the most. The older I get, the less I really want to smoke marijuana. So getting a wide selection of edibles is essential.

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