Becoming a Cannabis Budtender

After a few years of working at a medical marijuana dispensary, I like my task

When medical marijuana was legalized in my state, I became interested in working at one of these dispensaries as a budtender. I believed that I would be a wonderful budtender because I have experience in customer service and I am well versed in general knowledge regarding cannabis products. However, I knew that there would be a lot to learn. Budtenders are responsible for recommending products and dosages that will supply buyers at the dispensary positive experiences. Not almost everyone is the same and not almost everyone is looking for the same category of cannabis product, so budtenders need to be an expert on which products are best based on the interest of the consumer. It’s also pressing to have an understanding of the math behind cannabis United Statesge, as well. I went to college to learn a science-related field, so I also felt that I had the right knowledge and knowledge to succeed as a budtender. I took a few training programs that were available online, free of charge. Once I had some cannabis self-education on my resume, I started looking for openings. It wasn’t long before I found my modern task as a budtender. After a few years of working at a medical marijuana dispensary, I like my task. I have a deeper understanding of the cannabis products in our store the longer I labor here. I get to build excellent relationships with our buyers, and they trust my opinion when they are shopping for modern products.



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