The budtender was handsome but uninformed

Good looking people get a lot of opportunities that the rest of us don’t get, but I don’t think I’m ugly or anything but I think I will never be on a magazine cover, and the new guy at the dispensary is named Matt, and he is breathtakingly handsome, and long flowing blond hair, piercing blue eyes, a manly jawline – Matt is hot, there’s no getting around it.

It is also quite clear that Matt got the job as a budtender based on his good looks, and not due to being intelligent, good with customers, or knowledgable about cannabis.

I have been coming to this cannabis dispensary for the last two years, ever since it first opened. I remember attending the grand opening on that first day, and taking advantage of sales and discounts on cannabis that I have never seen since. I like the place, because the staff is friendly but professional, and they are all experts in the field of cannabis! For me a marijuana dispensary should feel like a casual pharmacy, where the emphasis isn’t on being fun, but being educated, but what Matt had in looks, he lacked in brains, because I asked him his opinion on a new strain of sativa and he said “it’s undoubtedly good.” He couldn’t tell me how it compared to OG kush, or any other strain of cannabis, he just said it was good. I had to be rude to him, and walk over to talk to another budtender because I needed more information, and Matt actually couldn’t deliver it, he must be sleeping with the owner.
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