My new partner shares my love for marijuana

I didn’t want to go on a dating application, but it became increasingly harder to find a mate as I got older.

You try to naturally strike up a conversation with someone of your interest at work, church, or social events, but you don’t have any luck.

I had spent too many years complacently doing the same things and expecting different results, so I broke down and downloaded two dating apps on my phone. In my mind, I couldn’t be too disappointed if I kept my expectations lowered and didn’t assume that I’d find the love of my life right away. I went on a handful of dates with great women who would make excellent friends, but we all admitted a mutual lack of chemistry. But when I finally met my new partner Jenna, I was amazed by how much we shared in common right from the state. We were both originally from the same north midwestern state, worked in the same industry, played the same instruments, and also shared a love of cannabis and its variants. In the past I have struggled to find significant others who were okay with my cannabis use, let alone have any desire to partake in it with me. I respect that, but I’m not a huge fan of alcohol myself. It was clear to me years ago that I needed to find someone on the same page as I am. Dating another marijuana user prevents those awkward moments when your partner judges you for enjoying a substance that they simply don’t understand. I’m fine with a partner drinking responsibly even if I don’t drink myself.


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