It’s great to have a cannabis dispensary

I thought this day might never come, but despite the change in the laws and the shift in popular opinion, my small neighborhood seemed stuck in a previous decade, but the new permissive attitude towards pot smoking never made it to our corner of the world, until recently.

While the rest of this state was getting high for the last several years, we only got our first legal cannabis dispensary two weeks ago.

There is still a lot of local resistance to it, mostly from the religious community, however the doors are open and I can finally buy legal cannabis, so I’m a happy man, before then I constantly had to deal with Crazy Jim, because he was the only guy around who grew his own marijuana. They called him Crazy Jim because he was never seen without his shotgun, and had never been shy about using it to protect his cannabis crops, but he loaded the shotgun with rock salt, which meant it wouldn’t kill you but it would darn sure hurt a lot! Jim and I knew each other back in high school, so he was less crazy around me when I came to buy marijuana once a month or so, but now that the cannabis dispensary is open, I am deeply thankful I don’t have to drive out and face down Crazy Jim any more. The cannabis dispensary can’t match his prices, of course, however they have an amazing variety of products, and going there makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. A very expensive candy store!


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