Anxiety with recent promotion

Ever since I got a promotion at work I have developed some lovely anxiety.

I used to go to work, do my job and then drive home.

Now I have a mini freak out before getting into my car everyday. I have to calm myself down or I have a full blown panic attack. Sometimes at work my chest feels tight, I get sweaty and can feel one coming on. It is horrible. The stress and uncertainty of the job is a bit much. I think I just need to get used to it and I will be fine. Once I discover that I can in fact do the job, I will no longer have panic attacks. Right? Anyway, I have started looking into helping my recent case of anxiety. I didn’t want to take any dangerous pills. I found online that a lot of people use cannabis for anxiety issues. Since my state is recreational and medical marijuana allowed, I was able to just go right into the cannabis dispensary. I talked to the budtender about my anxiety attacks and he suggested quite a few products. I wanted something discreet that I could take to work. I didn’t want to light a doobie on my lunch break. I wanted something that I could pretend wasn’t a cannabis item. That is how I settled on CBD mouth spray. I just take a few hits before I am driving to work and it kicks in by the time I am at my desk. On my lunch break I take another frew hits. By the time I finish my work day, the mouth spray has worn off but I don’t need it anymore. So far it has been a total game changer.

New cannabis strains