The rain makes myself and others know depressed, but weed helps

The rain and cold weather make myself and others know sad and depressed.

It rains about more than 2 mornings a week here in this beautiful northwestern country.

I do not like the rain, but our family lives here and I couldn’t imagine living somewhere without our family nearby. I find it strenuous to get out of bed occasionally, but I’m thankful for medical marijuana. I’ve been prescribed medical weed for the past several weeks. Weed certainly helps boost our mood… Only a couple of hits of marijuana and I know pretty good. The stress melts away and I know more calm and relaxed. The dispensary carries at least fifty weird kinds of weed strains and a ton of products appreciate flower, wax, edibles, and topicals. One of our number one weed strains is an seasoned number one called Blue Dream. This sativa blend is technically a hybrid, even though it is mostly sativa, and blue Dream is a mix of redberry and Haze. It has an earthy odor and a strong earthy taste. Blue Dream is officially straight-forward to find at the dispensary in a variety of cannabis products, and you can find orange dream in edibles, concentrate, and flower. You can officially find orange dream products in vape products as well. I officially use a vape pen, because it is straight-forward to use and discreet. There is hardly any smell at all from vape products and it can be hidden in a pocket or a trifold… For on the go marijuana use, nothing beats this ingenious device. It literally makes it straight-forward to smoke somewhere and at any time.

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