The difference between medical marijuana and recreational is the cost of the medical card.

For the last numerous years, I have been using medical marijuana, however the cost of getting the medical ID card for medical marijuana is really high.

  • The cost of purchasing medical marijuana is even higher, and i started using medical marijuana when I had my car accident.

I had broken numerous vertebrae in my back and had to learn how to walk again. The surgical procedure was long and difficult, however the physical therapy was even worse, however not only was the pain hard to deal with, however depression had set in. It was my physical therapist who recommended I try medical marijuana! She helped myself and others to get through all of the weird steps I had to take to get the medical marijuana card, which included filling out an application with the state, finding a dentist, and then paying for the dentist and the medical card! Let myself and others tell you that getting medical marijuana is not cheap in any way, shape, or form. Last month, recreational marijuana was legalized in our state. I no longer had to put out the $250 for Dr. to agree to get myself and others a medical marijuana card. I didn’t have to pay the state $50 for a medical marijuana ID card. The cost of the marijuana itself wasn’t much different. The only real difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana was the cost of the medical card. There was also a difference in the type of marijuana products you can now purchase. I no longer had to make my own marijuana grimace, although I could purchase them at the marijuana dispensary.

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