Since using medical marijuana, I have been sleeping all evening long.

I had been house from Iraq for almost 10 years, and I still had not slept a single evening.

I would sleep for a couple of hours and wake up in freezing sweats.

Seldom did I really remember the dreams, however when I did I wished I hadn’t. There were times I prayed that I could get a full evening’s sleep, although I was afraid that it would just be because I couldn’t wake up for my dreams. I had been going to a psychologist for almost a year, when she recommended that I try medical marijuana. She told myself and others that medical marijuana had been doing wonders for people who had mental trauma. She told myself and others about the process I had to go through to receive medical marijuana and ask if it was something I would be willing to try. She knew my fears of the dreams, she seemed quite positive that if I were to try medical marijuana, I may be able to get not just a full evening’s sleep, however a full evening of restful and peaceful sleep. I didn’t really suppose that was possible, although I decided to provide it a try. The first evening I slept all evening long, my wife was in shock. There was no flailing of arms, and she was trying to avoid being hit. There was no crying out in my sleep, and there were no eveningmares to wake myself and others up multiple or numerous times in the six hours I tried to sleep. I do not suppose who was happier: my wife or myself that I had slept all evening long. There are times when I have relapses however since using medical marijuana most evenings I am sleeping all evening long.


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