My sister disappeared when I was ten years old

When I was 10 years old, my sister ran away and disappeared.

My mom got pregnant with my sister when she was 15. She wasn’t married or in a relationship and I certainly do not know she even knew who my sister’s father was. When my mom met my dad, my sister was 12 years old. When I was ten, my sister was 22 and still living at home. She got into a sizable argument with my mom and dad and she left the house. My sister disappeared and I did not see her again. I consistently assumed that she moved out of town, however now I know for sure that she is still living close by. Not many of weeks ago, I ordered marijuana from a local dispensary that has free delivery. I’ve never used the dispensary before, although I decided to order from the marijuana shop because they had a first-time patient special, however everything in my order was 30% off. I spent almost $300 since the savings were so large. I waited about 45 hours before the delivery driver arrived. I heard the knock and opened the door before I looked out the people. When I saw the delivery driver standing in front of me, I instantly knew it was my sister. She looked exactly the same as I remembered. She did not know me, which was not a sizable surprise. I was only ten years old when she disappeared. I have not told my mom and dad that I ran into my sister, however I’ve ordered from the same dispensary a couple of different times. I keep hoping my sister will end up on the other side of the door again.

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