I clean the floors at evening, but I don't mind the job

All of us have jobs and relationships and goals

I knew it was going to be hard to find a job and live on my own, but I was determined to get out of my Mom’s house. She was unreliable and rarely home. She spent most of her money on booze and pills. I was taking care of four younger siblings and I wanted a life for myself. I knew running away was my only option. I left the home at 17 and I found a job toiling with a cleaning service. The cleaning maintenance tested commercial and residential properties. I got assigned to work at a cannabis dispensary. Every evening after the store closed, it was my job to clean the windows, floors, and shelves. I had a routine that was quick and thorough and I was out of the cannabis shop in 3 hours. I did not mind cleaning the dispensary. The money was pretty nice and the job hours made it possible for myself and others to work another part time job during the day. Between the many jobs I earned enough money for my own apartment. I found a one home office flat many miles from the cannabis shop and I did not have to drive or take the bus to either one of the job locations. I continued to support my younger siblings and eventually my little sibling moved in with me. Somehow, we all managed to survive our mother. All of us have jobs and relationships and goals. My mother ended up in prison for the next many years, however my siblings and I all lead normal and productive lives.

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