I wish we had a marijuana cafe.

I was visiting LV with my children a couple months ago.

  • It was shocking to find so many marijuana dispensaries around the area, and no one needed a medical marijuana card to shop there.

What was even more shocking than the amount of marijuana dispensaries, was that there were actual marijuana cafes in the city. There was one marijuana cafe that was right next to the hotel where we were staying. My son was excited to go to the marijuana cafe. He offered to take us all there for lunch. My daughter was excited to try out the marijuana cafe, and so was his wife, but I was a bit hesitant. Even though I had a medical marijuana card, I had never tried anything, but high CBD products. I was worried that if I got something with high THC, I would make a fool of myself. I was loud, but giggly when I drank alcohol, and I didn’t want to get that way in front of people. I seldom drank alcohol, and I didn’t want to use THC for the same reason. My son assured me they wouldn’t make anything that would get you high, so I went with them. An hour after we got done eating, which I will say the food in the marijuana cafe was excellent, I was giggling uncontrollably. If they had a marijuana cafe in our area, I wouldn’t think twice about getting a takeout order, but I would never eat there, even if it was in our area. I wish we could have a marijuana cafe in our local area, but it would have to have takeout.

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