I need CBD for the pain

I was talking to my doctor the other afternoon and I told him that I had tried various marijuanas, but they all made me sleepy. His first question was how much THC was in the marijuana. I had no idea. I was buying the marijuana the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary had recommended for me. He told me that the next time I went back to the marijuana dispensary, I should ask for something with a high CBD percentage and a low THC percentage. He said I needed CBD for pain relief and the THC only for relaxation. If I got something that was at least 70% CBD, I would find better relief. I remembered that conversation when I went back to the marijuana dispensary 2 weeks later. I was talking to the pharmacist and she asked how I was doing. I related the conversation I had with my doctor and how he recommended a marijuana product that was high in CBD as well as lower in THC. She gave me a product that was called Harlequin. She provided me with a cream and a concentrate that I could use in baking. I really enjoyed the Harlequin marijuana product. Within minutes, I saw a large difference in how much pain I was experiencing, and I was able to move more easily. I wasn’t feeling sleepy or even the slightest bit high. I knew my doctor had finally helped me find a marijuana product that would help me. I still kept my higher THC marijuana product, because I was able to get a fantastic night’s sleep without waking up every hour with muscle spasms.


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