I became incredibly tired from indica

Last week, I accidentally pulled out my indica marijuana flower.

It wasn’t until I smoked a bowl that I realized I had used the wrong marijuana.

Indica makes me high very quickly and then I get incredibly sleepy. I have already fallen asleep halfway through the hallway to my study room, when I have used Indica marijuana. I asked the budtender for two distinct blends of marijuana. I wanted one that would help me to go to sleep and another that would just ease the pain through the mornings. I had a strenuous time remembering which marijuana was which, until I remembered that S is for sativa and sunshine. It sounds silly, but I am getting older and our memory needs jogging every once in a while. Last week, I didn’t even know about which marijuana I was using. I was in a lot of pain and I just grabbed the first thing I had. I will admit that the indica was able to help with the pain, but I ended up sleeping for about many hours. I woke up groggy and a bit dizzy, because the marijuana was not totally out of my system. I made a mental note that should I ever need to smoke mairjuana in the middle of the day, I was going to need to make sure I was picking up sativa. I am just happy my wife was there to help me get into bed safely. Without her to guide me to the bed, it could have been a disaster. On the other hand, it just gave her something to laugh about whenever she thinks of me leaning up against the wall, sleeping.

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