Took my dad to the cannabis dispensary

It’s funny all the things a father and his only son can share.

But a trip to the local cannabis spot was not on that list for me.

However, my dad and I accompanied one another for a trip to the cannabis dispensary in town. It was not just some sort of fluke either. Dad and I planned this shopping trip together. It all came about when my dad opened up to me about using recreational marijuana back in his college days. This is a man who just retired and was recently widowed. He also told me that my late mother would enjoy marijuana as well. But when they got of college and started family and a career, the marijuana days appeared to be over. He said that since he was in college he’d only enjoyed some sativa products a friend of his provided a few times on visits. With the advent of recreational marijuana use being legalized, he wanted to see about getting some sativa products again. He was just so forthcoming about the whole thing that I let him know that I also have used recreational marijuana and still do. He wasn’t all that surprised but was glad that it was legal so he didn’t have to bail me out of jail. So we planned a trip to the local cannabis spot and I wasn’t sure he’d go through with it. But he did and we ended up having a great time. Dad got the sativa strains for sale that he was looking for. And I got myself a little sampler pack. We went home, tried them out and ended up cooking dinner together and having one of the best nights of our lives together.

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