So easy to apply for medical cannabis card these days

They will import the photo from your driver’s license & the residency status as well

Back in the day it was not especially easy processing paperwork without kindles & internet connections. If you were looking to keep track of the currency in your bank account, you had to keep a balance sheet that includes every check written & the amount. Nowadays I take it for granted that I can get this information on my cell phone nearly anytime I want it & I no longer have to manually record all of my purchases. On top of that, the bank companies are making cards where you only have to hover over the payment screen to confirm a purchase. That way you don’t have a chip or a magnetic strip on the card that is disfigured during long term use. Although our state medical marijuana cards aren’t sophisticated as modern bank cards, they’re also becoming easier & simple to renew as a medical marijuana patient. When I started in our state’s medical cannabis program approximately three years ago, you had to send a physical application to the state capital, along with passport photos from a Walgreens or CVS that you had to cover the cost for yourself. With the application, photos, & medical documents, you also had to include a check for $79. Now you can do all of this with just a few short clicks on your kindle or smartphone, especially now that the state medical marijuana office is actually linked to the DMV. You can select a checkbox that imports all of your data from the DMV state archives. They will import the photo from your driver’s license & the residency status as well. As you might guess, this is also a rather speedy way to transport identification information if it’s truly accurate on your license. Instead of having to wait for many weeks, I was recently approved for my modern medical marijuana card in a couple of days!