Out of town trip for cannabis dispensary weekend

We live so far out that we can’t even get the paper delivered. And yet, we still don’t dare grow the marijuana we use. Friends mock us for driving hours to the cannabis dispensary for our marijuana products. The odds are that we would never be found out were we to grow our own cannabis. But were we to get caught, that could destroy our lives so it seems totally worth it to make the trip to the cannabis dispensary. It just wouldn’t be worth the consequences otherwise. Plus, we make sort of big deal out of the whole thing anyway. About once every six weeks or so, we plan a weekend getaway to the city. There are several marijuana businesses there and we are determined to visit them all one day. So on every trip, we pick out a new cannabis dispensary to visit. And thus far, we have yet to be disappointed. Actually, the opposite is closer to the truth. It’s just stunning the amount of new cannabis strains that we keep discovering. And my wife and I have been recreational marijuana users for more than 2 decades. So you’d think we’d have tried them all. Yea, not even close. What’s more, we like to do the whole weekend in the city. Staying at a nice hotel, seeing sights we have seen before and treating ourselves to a great dinner is also on the docket. And it’s just a blast for us. Our next trip is coming up soon and we’ve been making the list up of the marijuana edibles we hope to find on this trip.

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