My first paycheck was short 20 hours

My friend got me a job working at a cannabis dispensary.

It’s one of the most fun and exciting jobs I’ve ever had. My friend and roommate has been an employee for the past 4 months. When she found out that her boss needed to hire a few new people, she suggested my name. The boss needed me to fill out an application and then the lady brought me into the store for an interview. My friend and I were both excited when I got the job. The manager gave both of us the same schedule each week, so we can ride to work together and save on gas. I thought that was really helpful and supportive. My friend and I work every weekend. When I started working at the cannabis shop, I was really excited to get my first paycheck. Unfortunately, my first paycheck was short 20 hours and there was a significant chunk of money missing. I was really upset, because it was my first check and I was due to pay my monthly rent. My friend told me to call the store manager immediately. The manager double-checked my hours and contacted the payroll department. There was an issue with the system computing and they agreed that my paycheck should have had 20 more hours. It was simple to fix the error. The payroll department agreed to issue another check for the rest of the time, but they couldn’t get it to me until several days later. Thank goodness that was the only time my check was ever messed up.
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