It really was the magic fix

My doctor told me that chronic arthritis pain is just something that happens as you age.

The pain increased as the arthritis went on, plus it didn’t go away.

They made a lot of pain creams that could be rubbed into the inflicted area. She said that pharmaceutical companies were billion dollar dealers thanks to the tons of people with arthritis, however there was no cure. There was a single pain relief item she had found that worked better than anything over the counter, plus it didn’t offer the negative effects of other medicines. She told myself and others to go to the pharmacy plus ask about CBD products. She told me to try some of their lotions or creams, plus to buy CBD pills or gummies. I had never absolutely thought about using marijuana, however the idea of CBD seemed fine. After listening to her tell me about CBD products for pain, it was clear I needed it. I went to the pharmacy the next day plus asked what style of CBD products they carried. I told the pharmacists I wanted some cream to rub into the joints, and I also wanted pills or gummies that would help myself and others to sleep. They showed me several products, which were absolutely expensive. I purchased some gummies and a cream. I followed the directions on the packets plus used the CBD products that night. It wasn’t an instant relief, but within an hour, I could recognize some lessening of the pain. I ate a single gummy plus headed to bed. I slept better than I had in a year!

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