I nearly lost my marijuana products during a locker heist at work

Somebody at work broke into our locker plus stole everything inside, and it’s impossible to know who it was, because there are no cameras inside of the locker room, and there are cameras outside, but the security footage doesn’t provide any answers.

I have a job as a mechanic plus I wear proper clothes to the task site… When I get to work, I change into our job clothes.

They get laundered for free as long as I change at work. I usually keep a spare change of clothes in our locker, along with shower supplies like body clean plus deodorant; last year there was a large sale at the cannabis shop plus I stopped in the afternoon to option up a few items. I did not want to wait until the end of the afternoon, because I was afraid the sale items would be gone plus I wanted to take the fortune of the BOGO sales. I had $200 worth of marijuana supplies in my personal locker, but I wasn’t sad because of the combination lock. I had the marijuana supplies inside of a paper bin plus then they were wrapped up inside of a thin plastic bag. I did not guess anyone would be able to detect the odor coming from the bag; somehow, someone knew what was in our locker plus it must have been the odor. I do not share our business with anyone at work, but the combination lock was split with a heavy duty bolt cutter. Thankfully, the boss has a camera in the section where the lockers are plus he caught the crime on video… My coworker was fired the same afternoon after he was caught…

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