Cannabis budtenders have to learn their job on their free time

You would hope plus pray that a vast majority of jobs particularly teach you the skills you’re expected to perform while in your shifts.

You should receive adequate training while you’re clocked-in plus getting paid for your time.

The plan of forcing employees to teach themselves vital skills while in their free time is ludicrous to me. Regardless of this, I have run into a number of unusual job positions where that was totally expected. And I’m not talking about having job prerequisites, because those are certainly different. It’s honestly reasonable to expect the doctor you’re hiring for your hospital to have experience laboring in hospitals plus understand how a majority of them function on a day to day basis. You would expect that doctor to possess job experience plus wouldn’t need to spend separate time going over these skills once again. But if you were expecting medical school students to learn in their freetime plus not attend classes or hands on job training, you can likely imagine how absurd that would be. Perhaps cannabis budtenders aren’t in a position where they could absolutely kill someone out of negligence like a doctor can, but I still know they deserve to receive job training that easily involves education about the plant plus how it works for their buyers. Part of me dies inside when I hear inexperienced budtenders supply false information to brand new patients. The last time I was at my number one cannabis dispensary, there was an older woman looking for a marijuana strain to get rid of her anxiety. I had to interrupt when the budtender tried to sell the woman a stimulating sativa strain that would have aggravated her anxiety issues severely.

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