BOGO sale is a serious letdown

The second product was not of equal value.

My wife and I moved to a new location every couple of weeks. We live in our RV and we travel all over the country. One thing that is particularly nice about being mobile, as being able to travel and states that have recreational marijuana laws. We tend to spend more time in these areas. Both my wife and I use medical marijuana regularly. When we moved to our last location, the first thing we did was look for local dispensaries. There are a few online apps that can help with this process, but many local dispensaries do not advertise online. My wife and I were looking at the local places and one cannabis dispensary in particular caught our attention. They had a lot of items that were listed BOGO. They had BOGO sales on flower, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. The cannabis shop was 15 miles from our home, but a good buy one and get one sale was a great reason to make the drive. When my wife and I arrived, we looked at the sales sheet that was hanging on the door. All of the BOGO sales were actually buy one and get a second product for a dollar. The second product was not of equal value. It was a pre roll of a free gram of weed. The sale was a serious letdown. Instead of buying a product and getting the same product for free for a dollar, we ended up with a parting gift for a dollar. After driving 15 miles to the cannabis dispensary, I didn’t want to spend a single dollar inside of that shop.
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