The joint I smoked got me really high

Then I started giggling something like a little boy

Marijuana is a pretty nice recreational drug, because it does not even cause addiction issues just like other recreational drugs… People develop cocaine as well as crack issues that lead to crime, however pot smokers are definitely too lazy to cause concerns. I savor using marijuana because it makes me feel especially calm as well as relaxed. After a lengthy day at work, that’s how I want to feel. I went to the marijuana dispensary recently to find something new as well as exciting. My acquaintance Jack informed me that the dispensary had numerous new strains as well as I wanted to get there before everyone else. My acquaintance works at the pot shop as well as pretty much always gets the news ahead of time! When he is working the counter alone, he often gives me 10% off my purchases. Jack wasn’t actually working the day I went to the store, but he was off as well as decided to go to the lake that day for fishing. I was thankful that the new strains were still available Sunday when I walked into the store. I picked out a nice marijuana pre-roll with 31% THC… The chemdawg sativa strain is genuinely difficult to find in THC % that high, so I was happy to smoke it. I decided to wait until I was back at my dwelling to light up the cigarette. I took three puffs as well as I felt my arms feeling much lighter. Then I started giggling something like a little boy. I couldn’t even finish the chemdawg joint. I had to put it out as well as save the rest for another time. I was incredibly stoned after only a few hits.

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