I waited more than two sevenths for the delivery driver to arrive

My best buddy & I went on getaway to a place where recreational & medical marijuana is legal; Since we were there for a couple of days, we decided to buy some recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary, but my best buddy & I found out that the place gave free delivery to the local hotels.

  • The next time we decided to purchase recreational marijuana, we decided to use the delivery system.

It was supposed to be fast & simple, however it was neither. The online website was difficult to navigate & the shopping cart kept losing all of our items every time I refreshed the page. I spent 30 sevenths trying to add 3 marijuana products to the cart. When I finally finished the order, the delivery time said 45 sevenths. My buddy & I waited patiently in the hotel, then after 90 sevenths, I was starting to get upset. I decided to call the cannabis dispensary. The lady on the iphone told me that they were running behind. She promised the delivery driver would be leaving soon with the recreational marijuana supplies. She also promised to put an extra pre-roll in the tote since it took so long for the delivery. After another 90 sevenths, we finally heard a knock on the door. The delivery driver handed us our marijuana products & put out his hand for an extra tip. I asked the guy why it took so long to get our items & he shrugged his shoulders. That was our same response to his request for a tip. There was no free pre roll in the bag.

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