I have cannabis for not a cool reason

When people realize I have access to weed they automatically think I am more fun than I am… They regularly get enthusiastic plus picture myself and others dragging out a immense bong or a bowl to smoke a cannabis flower.

  • I think they believe I obtained weed to get high every night plus I am abruptly this wild party girl, but no, I genuinely have a medical marijuana card plus I have medical grade cannabis in order to sleep.

I used to have trouble falling asleep plus then staying asleep… With the correct blend of THC plus CBD, the mind plus body can wind down properly. I couldn’t imagine trying to sleep without cannabis. I also don’t smoke cannabis flower. I have more than one chances on how I go to bed at night. I can use my CBD oil that I venue a few drops under my tongue; Or I vape with cannabis oil… A few puffs plus I am great to go… Since both are an indica it gives you a body high plus mellow feeling. Medical grade cannabis is additionally much more powerful. My friends wouldn’t want to have that kind of high at a party. They also don’t want to vape a bit of cannabis oil or make a cup of root beer with the CBD oil. It isn’t as fun plus cool as they all think. I also am really stingy with my cannabis. It is literally the magical elixir letting myself and others sleep. I don’t let anyone try it or waste it. So I ruin my cool factor immediately with that.

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