I definitely should not have run that red light

Last month I was actually working at the cannabis store and the boss asked me to make a few deliveries.

One of the typical delivery drivers did not show up for work and the shop had a dozen orders set to go when every one of us opened for business… I reluctantly agreed to the deliveries. I do not particularly love driving my car for work, because it gets horrible gas mileage. It also needs to have the A/C machine repaired. Regardless of that fact, I said yes to my boss when she asked me to handle some of the deliveries. I was on my way to the particularly first delivery, when I had to run the red light. I was going the speed limit and the car in front of me swerved unexpectedly. In order to miss the car, I had to run the light. Of course, I got a ticket in the mail from the traffic court, because they caught me going through the light on camera. I was honestly exasperated about the ticket and I told my boss. I easily blamed the store and I blamed the guy who did not show up for work that day. It was genuinely my fault I ran the light. I was in a rush and not cheerful about the orders. I should have chosen to stop at the light. I tried to explain my case to the judge, however she did not want to hear any excuses in the slightest. I got a ticket for $150 and I had to pay $45 for the court fees since the judge denied my request to have the ticket excused. The next time my boss wants someone to assist with deliveries, I’m going to simply say no.


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