Can only get medical weed and I don’t want it

Right now our home state only allows for medical marijuana.

  • It odors because I absolutely appreciate cannabis.

The new products coming on the market sound cool too. I appreciate the thought of edibles rather than drinking at celebrations as well. I would way rather eat a brownie than drink a ton of booze. I also would appreciate to get into cooking with cannabis. There are cannabis oils and butters that you can put into recipes. I would absolutely care about making a CBD infused stir fry I think. Right now I am locked out of all of this due to the legal restrictions, but when you get a medical cannabis prescription, regularly yummy edibles are not a part of it. I could absolutely get a script for cannabis oil or flower. I don’t absolutely care about smoking weed however. I don’t appreciate the system of smoking a pre rolled joint or packing a bowl. I always hated smoking through a bong. I messd up the lighting process and flet stupid, however deep down in our head I always think about how terrible smoking is for you. The only way I could get a strange kind of medical marijuana would be to get a topical. This is a cream, lotion, patch or something else that applies directly to the skin. The CBD elements infuse right into the bloodstream to help inflammation and chronic pain. That is not exactly the type of experience I am looking for though, so right now I am just going to wait until recreational pot is allowed in our state.
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