The driver forgot the indica flower at the store

I decided to doublecheck with the budtender before my driver left the shop.

Last week, I ordered cannabis products from a local dispensary and I had the items delivered. The dispensary delivers without any charges, because I am only one mile away from the store. On a nice day, I can walk. During spring or fall, the weather is perfect for a short walk downtown. The weather has been particularly cold and windy these days, so delivery was the best option last week. I ordered about a hundred dollars worth of cannabis supplies, but the driver forgot my eighth of cannabis flower. I had one gram of wax and another gram of shatter live resin, but the eighth of cannabis was missing. I was super upset, so I called the dispensary and I told the manager that I didn’t get the items in my order. I didn’t get charged for the eighth, but I was expecting it would be in the bag. It was part of the order when the budtender reviewed the items. The manager apologized for the confusion and she offered to give me 20% off my next order. I was happy she heard my frustration and did something to remedy the problem. Yesterday was payday, so I ordered again last night. I decided to doublecheck with the budtender before my driver left the shop. We went through the whole order one item at a time. I didn’t want to get stuck without any indica flower again. When the guy arrived, he went through the order with me before leaving the door entrance. I guess the manager really wanted to make sure that I was happy this time.
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