The casino manager warned us about the vape pen

My friends and I went to a casino for a couple of days.

While we were in town, we decided to try some recreational marijuana supplies.

The state has recreational marijuana laws and as long as you have a legal and valid ID, you can purchase a number of products from the store. Most of the marijuana shops had free delivery, so my friends and I ordered a couple of items and had them delivered right to our hotel room. We didn’t smoke anything in the hotel, because there was a big sign on the door with a warning. We certainly didn’t want to get into trouble and we didn’t want to get stuck paying a $250 fee because the room smelled like marijuana. We went to the parking garage to smoke some marijuana cigarettes, but we took a disposable vape pen to the casino. The disposable vape pen didn’t have a terribly harsh odor, so I thought it would be easy to hide in the casino. Unfortunately, a casino manager came over to talk with me when I was using the vape pen at the roulette table. She warned me that it is not legal to use the vape pen inside of the casino, because I wasn’t sitting in a smoking area. She urged me and my friends not to break the rules or she would have us thrown out of the casino for the rest of our stay. She was strict and stern and we were scared to return to that place after the interaction.


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