Terpenes are the reason why things taste good

I have gained important lessons on Advertising while purchasing medical marijuana during these last several years.

  • In the start of many different companies, we spend a great deal of money to advertise our products and the merchandise available throughout the store.

It has been frustrating to spend my top dollars at the dispensary when it is marketing the place as a premium dispensary. Flower buds are very dry and crumbly and they smell like pesticides. Some of the dispensaries seem to grow random strains and extract them in large batches so they can trap a part of the CBD and THC creating weird and bizarre formulas. A cannabis oil pen may have a mystery concoction with these bizarre oil formulations. The only complication is the fact that these Botanical terpenes do not always come from the cannabis plant. Premium cannabis pens distillate with cannabis-derived terpenes which actually helped to intensify the flavor. I would rather spend a lot of money for a full spectrum Vape cartridge with more terpenes and lesser cannabinoids. If I had a ton of money, I would certainly buy cartridges that exclusively have terpenes derived from the cannabis plant. These vape pen cartridges can be extremely expensive. Live rosin has a great flavor and you get the extract directly from the plant. The terpenes are Frozen at the very moment the plants are harvested before any problems can occur that might ruin the entire batch. Each game is specifically called for use in these cannabis oil pens. They taste better and have a more complete flavor.

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