Plans for a new cannabis dispensary

My idea was a simple one — to create a custom shopping area with several different kinds of shops all clustered together around a central courtyard.

I know this is not a new concept, but in this area ,with these kinds of stores, it is new! The downtown area is very hip and trendy, and more twentysomethings are moving in all the time.

These people could use a close, convenient shopping area designed with their needs in mind. First of all there would be a cannabis dispensary, and that would be the flagship store for the complex. Ever since medicinal cannabis was legalized there have been more and more dispensaries popping up around town. In this area is the highest concentration of people who are prescribed medical cannabis, which makes it mathematically the smartest place to open a dispensary. In the next years elections I believe that recreational cannabis use will also be legalized, and that will make this location even more valuable! I will need other stores to surround the cannabis dispensary, some trendy coffee shops and eateries, of course, and at least one hookah bar and one regular bar. I will also reach out into the local marijuana community to find artisans who make clothing or other products out of hemp fibers. Having a hemp clothing store sitting next to the cannabis dispensary seems appropriate, don’t you think? But the anchor for all of this will be the cannabis dispensary, so it needs to be the biggest, brightest, and best this town has ever seen. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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