New cannabis strains come out every month

Every time I visit the cannabis dispensary, there is something new and different to try.

Last time I went to the cannabis shop, the bartender told me about a new strain called cookies and milk.

It sounded like a breakfast cereal, but the strain is a wonderful hybrid that is sativa dominant. I decided to try the cookies and milk strain so I bought a 1 gram jar of distillate from the cannabis dispensary. I prefer using concentrate, because it only takes a little bit of product to feel the effects. I smoke weed everyday and it can be expensive if you don’t get the most bang for your buck. The most bang for my buck is absolutely concentrate. Many of my friends use concentrate as well. It can be easily vaped, which is my preferred method. I have a nectar collector that I use for vaping the concentrate. I tried milk and cookies on Saturday, before I went to the beach. The new cannabis strain is out of this world. I only took a couple of hits and I felt a rush of blood to my head. After ten minutes, I felt excited and energetic. I was ready to tackle a big project. I started cleaning the garage. I had boxed all over the place, but I was feeling motivated. I worked in the garage for three hours before I took a break. The time flew by quickly, and I didn’t even realize it was already dinner time. This new cannabis strain is easily going to be one of my new favorites.


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