My thoughts on a new marijuana business

I suppose this is an odd idea, but hear me out! Food trucks are super new and cool right? I personally don’t like going to food trucks.

I find them costly, but the point is that people enjoy them.

When a bar has some food trucks set up outside, all of a sudden it’s a block party. Everyone makes money, and I know food is just the beginning. This is just the evolution of the ice cream trucks that were around when I was a kid! My idea takes it to the next level, by having a mobile cannabis dispensary that can be driven to special events. It turns out the laws haven’t changed too much, and selling cannabis from a truck will get me thrown in jail. It doesn’t matter anyway. I have a way around it! People really wait almost an hour to get food from a truck, so they will wait that long for cannabis, too. I will set up the cannabis truck with samples, no quantities for sale at all. This will just be a sample part, so to speak, where people can smell and examine the cannabis and decide what they want to order. Then I call in the order into the cannabis dispensary nearby, and they will send a delivery driver out with the order. The customer will have their cannabis within the timeframe and both of us don’t have to store any product on the truck itself! It is only a matter of time before I can realize my dream and make a fully functional, fully stocked cannabis van, but for now this will do.

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