Green and white cannabis is found in nature everywhere

I will never be able to forget my very first pathetic attempt at growing a marijuana plant inside of my home.

  • I thought it would be relatively easy to grow marijuana.

I purchased a item called an AeroGarden. And AeroGarden is a tiny hydroponic setup that is marketed for herbs, vegetables, and zucchini. The AeroGarden has strong heat lights and a water tank so the whole thing can be aerated just like fish bubbles. This AeroGarden system was on sale at the super center and I ended up getting mine for nearly 50% off the original retail price. I didn’t have the intention of using this for vegetables. I knew that I was going to grow cannabis with the machine if it worked out very well. With Siri, it should have been a very good idea that worked well. Unfortunately, the lights could not be raised. The cannabis plants grew I like numerous feet and they were never trimmed which made them fat and stout. As soon as the plants began to grow, it hit the lights and then went right out the side. The plants failed to flower and then I had to really look into the process. I wanted to grow some amazing cannabis strain and that meant that I needed to be aware of the problems. I gained some information from earlier batches and found out that problems come from a variety of strange factors. Genetics and particular strains can change the color of the plant. You could get something exceptionally green or something with very little green at all. A novice grower will always have trouble with these type of plants, because they are simply not the easiest thing.


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