Dutch Hawaiin was an amazing weed strain

The sizzling and enveloping effects were actually pleasantly surprising

Since I am difficult at work most afternoons, I usually have a large pot of Pepsi inside of my bedroom. I have this ritual where I stop to chop in the bedroom for a couple of minutes. It actually did Kris have the stress levels so I don’t have to feel fatigued from working at home. I have a couple of Birdie feeders outside of the window and this helps to create a very peaceful site when I am working. The important thing in my life that keeps me going is absolutely the coffee. I have lots of chronic fatigue from health problems and it can be difficult to perform at extremely high levels when I am feeling so Carnegie tired. Recently I thought it could be a good idea to try Cannabis sativa plants instead of an Indica strain that puts me to sleep in the afternoon. My siblings suggested the sativa strain when I mentioned that the strain I have been smoking makes me extremely tired. She said a Cannabis sativa strain was better for daytime use when I have to get work completed. Durban Poison was a good sativa strain that she recommended to melt away stress. The sizzling and enveloping effects were actually pleasantly surprising. Unfortunately, the local dispensary didn’t have any Durban Poison when I went to the shop last week. They did have a couple of different sativa blend to try, and one of them was on sale. I purchased an ace of Dutch Hawaiian, hoping it would give the same wonderful high as the Durban Poison.

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