Cannabis cafes can be really great for the community

I dwell in a state that has a great deal of issues with drunk driving and alcoholism.

There are a hundred different bars within 10 miles of my home.

As young children, my parents always told my sister and I about the dangers of drinking. Both of my parents wanted to make sure that we never ended up in a Troublesome situation. When I began to take driver’s education classes, many of us were taught the warning signs to look for when confronting a person that might be an alcoholic. We were told that this problem was certainly one that needed to be addressed before it was an issue later on during life. I think the problem is definitely all of the bars that are in the area. If we had more places where people could sit and enjoy cannabis, then there may not be such a huge problem with alcoholism in this place. Even though recreational marijuana has been legalized, there are still no places to sit down, relax, and enjoy the marijuana. Conservative people in the law have tried to frighten us from using medical cannabis, but there are advances being made every single day in the medical marijuana industry and many studies show that these plants offer a variety of different ways to help with health concerns and physical ailments I strongly feel that it is a good idea for the people in this area to start thinking about a Cannabis Cafe or a place where people can sit and relax and enjoy cannabis in a safe environment away from a bar..



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