Cannabis and art supplies in one store

Art is my life, and it always has been.

Thanks to the pandemic I was locked up inside, trapped with myself, by myself, for months on end, and it provided me the solitude I needed to take my work to the next level. I am an artist of the visual mediums, I like to sketch and I also like to paint. I have sampled with some of the online drawing tools, but they don’t work for me — I prefer the feel of the brush in my hand, and the bristles against the canvas. I have recently discovered a shop that caters to people like me, a cannabis dispensary attached to an art supplies shop. For me, cannabis is actually considered to be an “art supply” anyway, to the point where I write the expense off on my taxes. Without cannabis, there is no creative vision there is just a man standing in front of a canvas with no ideas. Cannabis opens up my mind, allows my inner child to come forward and take the brush from my hand. That is where great art comes from, turning off your brain and letting your deeper mind take the reins, and that is exactly what cannabis gives me. Now I can go to one store and get my brushes, my paints, my canvases, and all the cannabis I need, it truly is a one-stop shop! They have an online store, so I can actually place my order and then pick it up, but I enjoy looking at, and smelling the cannabis buds before I buy them.

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