A little pot on the day of the presentation helps

I suffer from terrible stage fright and anxiety.

I’ve always had trouble with public speaking.

I had to take a class in college and I barely passed with a C. I wanted to talk in front of my classmates, but it was extremely difficult. I would have probably failed the class, but one of my classmates suggested trying a little pot on the day of the presentation. I thought the guy was crazy when he suggested using marijuana on the day of a test, but he was absolutely serious. He told me that he suffers from the same ailment. He has trouble speaking in front of people, so he smokes a little bit of marijuana an hour before class. By the time it is his turn to speak in front of the class, he feels relaxed and comfortable. He urged me to try the same thing and even gave me a joint to try. That marijuana joint sat in my dorm room for a week and then I had a huge presentation to give in class. I thought about using marijuana for hours and hours, but I was scared. It was getting closer and closer to that time, so I finally decided to light up a joint and I took two puffs. In less than 30 minutes, I wasn’t feeling any pain at all. In fact, I probably talked more that day than I have in a year. The two hits of pot made me feel relaxed and calm and I gave that presentation without thinking or being scared for a second.

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