Medical marijuana leads to more rest

Insomnia is no joke.

Without correct rest, a body just doesn’t function respectfully.

The method that all of us can do separate from correct rest plus restorative sleep is just a single of the largest fallacies out there. I lost our ability to rest plus sleep. With medical marijuana, I’m getting it back. But I know this will take time, effort plus consistent behavior on our part. The behavior thing is on me. For years plus years, I pushed myself past where I could operate separate from sleep. And I acted like it was some sort of badge of honor to treat myself like that. Then, our ability to sleep was simply gone. I lay awake for hour after hour. Prior to cannabis products, the doctor had given myself and others medications to help myself and others sleep. They helped but more often than not, I simply dozed plus never really got any REM sleep. And separate from the deep restorative sleep you body demands, there is no rest. After reading about the benefits of medical marijuana for people in our shoes, I got all about how to get a medical marijuana card. Once I was able to get through the cannabis regulations, I was able to get help at the cannabis dispensary. Those folks at the legal weed store did more for myself and others than I can even articulate. Not only did they know the certain cannabis products to help me, they were kind plus compassionate when it came to our condition. I’m on the mend now. After about 4 weeks of medical cannabis treatments, I’m up to an average of several hours of deep sleep a evening.


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