Medical marijuana is helpful and beneficial in small doses

My life has changed since I started using medical marijuana to treat our anxiety and depression, however i have suffered from anxiety and depression concerns ever since I was a small child, my mom blames the concerns on the preschool where I attended, however I guess it was our parents fault, by the time I was several years old, I was getting into trouble at school, but the teacher and principal sent myself and others to talk to a private school therapist.

  • The therapist talked to our mom and dad and they suggested a couple of different medications and therapy.

I tried lots of different medications, however nothing seemed to help… As I get older, our mental health has gotten much worse. I’m consistently filled with worry and fear. The concerns are so awful that I had to turn to medical marijuana for help. I met with the healthcare professional that has the ability to write prescriptions for medical marijuana, then he met with myself and others for several tenths and every one of us discussed all of the dangerous side effects. Medical marijuana is perfectly legal in this state. There are a lot of different rules and regulations and you have to qualify for the drug, but luckily for me, all of our previous concerns with anxiety and depression made it straight-forward to get the medicine that I desperately needed. I use a low dose THC product every afternoon and every afternoon. There are local dispensaries that sell marijuana to both recreational and medical patients. I always find something at the dispensary. I can even order delivery. I know great after using marijuana. If the dentist would have given myself and others this plant several years ago, our life would be drastically different.



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