Less concerned when I use medical marijuana

Some might call it shy or perhaps undoubtedly, undoubtedly reserved after meeting me for a brief period. Brief moments of social contact is about all I can manage. If these folks could see it from inside my head, that shyness is easily deep anxiety that I do my best to deal with. Lately, I have found a much better way to go about just that. I’m using medical cannabis to treat my severe social anxiety. I’m entirely on the anxiety as well as clinical depression spectrum. But I’m entirely not that depressed or over concerned about life in general. And this may be a single of the reasons weed easily has made such a difference. The meds I used for social anxiety came to various lame side effects. That just wouldn’t work for me because it just made me assume out of it. And I was sad the same might be tplot with medical cannabis. Not being social, I easily haven’t had that various options to smoke pot. I had done it a few times in an experimental sort of way. So I l earned as much as I could about medical marijuana as well as I visited a medical pot store to get some more information. This convinced me to give it a try. Six weeks later, I honestly had a bit of a dinner at my apartment with like 4 guests. It was momentous as well as something I wouldn’t be able to have accomplished without the help I get from weed. And I’m lucky to be able access cannabis near me. It would easily suck if I lived in a state that outlawed medical marijuana.
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