Dialing in my health with medical cannabis

I never would have imagined that weed would help me finally achieve some level of overall health and fitness. But that’s exactly what happened. I suffer from IBS in a way that doesn’t exactly throw me down on the ground in pain. But I spend much of my afternoon in discomfort and pain. Plus, with IBS, there is the nausea component as well. The meds just didn’t help enough and I was getting incredibly exasperated managing my condition before I discovered the benefits of cannabis. I had smoked a bit of pot back in the afternoon, but wan’t all that into it. So I was a bit skeptical of using marijuana as a treatment for IBS. But I l gained more about medical marijuana and that convinced me to take a shot at medical cannabis. The cannabis dispensary was luckyly legitimately, legitimately helpful. While my doctor was on board with trying the medical marijuana route, she didn’t supply me real exact directions. That’s where the crew at the medical weed shop came through for me. They were able to get me the strains of weed that had proven to be the most effective for someone with IBS. I took a few weird samples of marijuana house with me after that first trip to the medical pot shop. On each visit to the cannabis store, I would try weird varieties that had proven to be most beneficial. It didn’t take long to settle in on a pot strain that entirely was zeroed in for me. The results speak for themselves as I’m living a life again and that’s all I was entirely looking for.


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