CBD for migraines

I have suffered from migraines my whole life, then there is nothing worse for me than when I recognize an intense migraine coming on, and knowing there is nothing I can do, but i have tried over-the-counter medications, my doctor has prescribed me all kinds of migraine pills, I have even tried holistic approaches like suction cups and acupuncture, but no matter what, my migraines keep coming back, and interrupting my life, and my migraines show up intermittently, and with little warning, occasionally I will recognize the pressure build gradually, but once that happens, there isn’t much I can do except try my best to sleep it off. It wasn’t until I tried CBD until I was finally able to recognize some relief… CBD, or cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant, and it is known to have multiple medicinal benefits, luckily for me, 1 of those benefits is its ability to relieve neurological pain. I stopped in my local CBD dispensary and told the cannabis budtender what my symptoms were, and he gave me an edible CBD tincture, and told me to venue a few drops on my tongue at the beginning of a migraine… Lo and behold, just a couple of days later I felt a migraine coming on. I reached for my CBD tincture and venued a few drops on my tongue like I was instructed, and laid down and closed my eyes. Thirty minutes later I woke up from a nap and didn’t have any symptoms of a migraine. If you suffer from migraines, head to your local cannabis dispensary this month to see what CBD products they have for you!


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