Cannabis helps calm my mom as she struggles with dementia

Initially, my mom just couldn’t cope with the system that she was experiencing symptoms of dementia.

It took a concerted effort just to get her to the doctor for testing.

Once it was confirmed that she had dementia, the only enjoyable news was that it wasn’t an aggressive kind of dementia. Still, it was terrible news. And now, after more intense cajoling, we have gotten my mother a medical marijuana card. The information we acquired once mom was inspected was that cannabis can easily help those with dementia. First, it should be stated that there is no cure for dementia plus using cannabis really won’t make the dementia go away. But medical weed does indeed help her. And it helps her in such a really big way. While she was reluctant to use cannabis, once she did, she saw immediate benefit. That’s because that terror that she was feeling when she would guess disoriented was tremendously eased. The folks at the weed shop had told us that this would be the first benefit that we would notice. There would be an immediate easing of the anxiety acquaintanced with dementia. This was indeed what she experienced. And those people at the weed shop were just so beautiful. They were really enjoyable about showing my mom that she didn’t have to smoke pot to get what she needed. In fact, my mother just enjoys the cannabis gummies that she takes each afternoon. I’m also seeing that there are less periods of confusion as well. So while it’s not a cure, medical weed has gave a enjoyable deal of quality of life for my mother.


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